Priory Investiture

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The Annual Convent and Investiture of The Priory of the Christian Soldier

Each year, The Priory of the Christian Soldier gathers for a momentous occasion – the Convent and Investiture. This formal ceremony, steeped in tradition and imbued with solemnity, serves as a cornerstone of our Order’s life. Typically held in April, the Convent and Investiture provides a sacred space for our Knights and Dames to come together.

Renewal and Reflection

The ceremony is a time for profound reflection. Knights and Dames contemplate the core tenets of our Order: unwavering devotion to God, unwavering commitment to serving humanity, and a deep respect for the rich history of the Knights Templar. Through this introspection, we strengthen our vows of fidelity to the Order and reaffirm our dedication to its ideals.

Welcoming New Members

The Convent and Investiture also serves a pivotal role in welcoming new members into our fold. Postulants, having undergone a period of preparation and discernment, stand before the assembled Knights and Dames. Following their agreement to uphold the Order’s principles, they receive the accolade, a symbolic gesture signifying their official induction into The Priory of the Christian Soldier.

Openness and Transparency

The Priory holds the utmost respect for transparency. In that spirit, we extend a warm invitation to the public to witness the Convent and Investiture. Observing the ceremony provides a unique opportunity to gain firsthand insight into the core values and practices that guide our Order.

Planning and Logistics

The selection of the host city for the Convent and Investiture rests with the Priory’s Executive Committee. To ensure a seamless and dignified ceremony, meticulous planning takes place. This includes securing suitable venues, such as hotels to accommodate our members and churches to provide a sacred space for the ceremony itself.

Through the annual Convent and Investiture, The Priory of the Christian Soldier fosters a deep sense of community, rekindles commitment to our ideals, and welcomes new members who share our unwavering faith and dedication to service.